Easy setup

It is a breeze to get started. We have made Storewaves available to you via the Internet, so no hardware is required. Within minutes you will set up your stores, your collection forms, invited some colleagues and be riding the waves. Say forever goodbye to software installations and spreadsheets.

Social collaboration with a purpose

Social collaboration, or the "Wave" as we call it, is the heart of your application. The "Wave" brings seamlessly field force information, e.g. field reports, store images, price moves or simply new great ideas, to the attention of all relevant users. Storewaves allows your users to work together and make profitable decisions in real time.

Dynamic field force application

Throw away pen and paper or your outdated handheld devices. Storewaves connects your organization with a dynamic and easy to use field force application. The application runs on all leading mobile platforms like Apple iOS, Android or BlackBerry 10.

Live tracking of your field force

Where is your field force? Did they actually visit the stores as planned? Who is close by to solve an urgent issue? These are just some of the questions you can fast and easy resolve without even making a phone call. Storewaves provides you with a real time map to track your field force and operations.

Smart Analytics

No more time consuming consolidation of field reports, excel sheets or searching for the updated version. The smart analytics provides you with all the relevant data right at your finger tips. The rich dashboard experience allows you to fast pin point opportunities and create any report in no time.

Advanced action management system

Storewaves enables your users to create, assign and track actions. The complete action management system allows your organization to be in synch resulting in no market opportunity is ever lost again.

Peace of mind

Your data is stored securely on our servers not on your local laptops or mobile devices. Losing your device does no longer mean losing your business..