Why Storewaves?

We had a big problem.

For years we had been trying to get the last feet in retail right, but as our responsibilities grew; complexities and frustrations grew with it. The process to collect field information to reach fast and good decisions always seemed much harder work that it ought to be.

We decided to create Storewaves to solve this problem.

Over the years we had learned a few things. First, much like waves in ocean the path to retail excellence is a continuous journey. Second, we also knew a web based solution could help fix things. Finally, we needed to provide you a solution, which was powerful, but yet extremely easy to set up and use. Based on these three core beliefs we created Storewaves.

After the launch we never expected such a positive reaction from our first customers. Suddenly employees across organizations and industries got on the "Wave" with one common objective: "to win in retail". We learned that Storewaves was much more than a field force operations tool. It is the easiest and smartest way to make your company social, while achieving consistent great customer experiences in retail and beyond.

Everyday more and more users from small to big organizations are riding the "Storewaves" resulting in more productive employees and delighted customers. We continue to work hard to add new functionalities to ensure you stay one wave ahead of your competition.

If your company relies on happy customers, then Storewaves will give you a competitive advantage through speed, simplicity and much lower cost compared to traditional solutions.

We hope both you and your users will enjoy surfing the Storewaves with us.

Our Inspiration

Just like the ocean waves we believe achieving retail excellence is a continuous journey.

The concept is simple. We provide a software platform that breaks down hierarchical structures and facilitates fast open communication between employees with the single objective to delight your shoppers. It is the social solution to bridge the current gap between your field force operations and your office workers.

Storewaves takes collaboration to the next level by creating waves of information based on rich checklists submitted by your field force. Further, our platform engages all your employees to be mystery shoppers by giving them a medium to share insights, ideas and opportunities observed in the market. All collected data is indexed by store and categorized for further advanced data analysis and reporting.

Still information stays just information if not applied. The advanced action management system ensures no sales opportunity is ever lost again.

Our promise; Stores + Checklists + Social = Storewaves, It's that easy to win in retail

Join Us

Storewaves is creating an innovative customer-focused company full of passionate people who enjoy going to work every day.

We depend on the world's best and brightest to contribute and innovate. We choose each employee with care, just like you should choose us. From experienced professionals to talented university graduates, we aim to bring the best minds together to solve the toughest challenges. We recognize that great ideas come, when all employees, at every level, are sharing their knowledge in a collaborative environment.

We firmly believe, that Storewaves can not exceed the expectations of our customers, unless we exceed these of our employees.

Working with us, you will be part of a diverse, creative and talented team. We're looking for motivated people who share our goals and continuous commitment to excellence.

Together we can unleash the creativity, innovation and potential trapped in field and office workers everywhere.

Storewaves is going through a rapid expansion phase and we are actively looking for top talent. Our headquarters is based in sunny tax free Dubai, located just 5 minutes walk from the beach.

If you share our dreams, you could soon grab the board and start surfing the Storewaves with us.

Please contact us to learn more.